Cloudera Enterprise 6.1 がリリースされました


Cloudera Enterprise 6.1.0 リリース

本日(昨日)Cloudera Enterprise 6.1.0 がリリースされました。このリリースはかなり大きなアップデートが含まれており、6.0リリース時に見送られた重要な内容が含まれているようです。CDH5系を使っている方も要注目ですね。

[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 6.1.0 Released
We are pleased to announce the general availability of Cloudera Enterprise 6.1.0, the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud...



  • HDFS Erasure coding のサポート
    • Support for HDFS Erasure encoding for Hive, Navigator, BDR, MapReduce and Spark workloads can reduce storage requirements by up to 50% with a negligible performance impact
  • ADLS Gen2対応
    • Support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 enables better performance and lower cost for customers deploying CDH to Azure
  • Spark Structured Streaming に対応。ついに(ようやく?)来た
    • Support for Spark Structured Streaming - which enables micro-batch processing at as little as 100ms increments with SQL-like APIs - including DataFrames and Datasets, while simplifying implementations via abstractions.
  •  FlumeからKuduにデータを流し込める
    • Flume now supports continuous ingest of data into Kudu (from messaging sources such as Kafka, JMS or Avro) using the Flume Kudu sink
  • OpenJDK8対応
    • Support for deploying with OpenJDK 8.


  • Kafka 2.0, Spark 2.4, HBase 2.1.1, Accumulo 1.9.2, and Solr 7.4

Spark 2.4  へのアップグレードは嬉しい