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祝!HBase 0.96 リリース

先週からHive 0.12Hadoop 2.2.0 GAと公開が続いていますが、先週末に HBase 0.96も公開されました。

  1. リカバリの高速化(HBASE-5843
  2. Protobufの使用
  3. Metrics2
  4. Java7


hbase-0.96.0 is now available for download [0].
Apache HBase is a scalable, distributed data store that runs atop
Apache Hadoop.
The hbase-0.96.0 release has been more than a year in the making and
supplants our long-running 0.94.x series of releases.  We encourage users upgrade.
More than 2k issues [1][2][3][4] are attributed to this version (counting fixes done against this and the preview 0.95.x developer series of releases). [7] is the total list of 0.96.0 changes.  1500+ of these changes are in 0.96.0 alone; i.e. they have not been backported.  At the end of this note is a sampling of some notable fixes.
High-level, the big themes driving this release have been improved
stability, operability, scaling fixes, and making it so we are in a
situation where we are free to evolve going forward while all the time maintaining forward and backward compatibility. A bunch of work has been done to improve Mean Time To Recovery on server and node crash.
Everywhere HBase persists has been moved to protobufs [8] including what we write across the wire RPC'ing. We have a new balancer, call
tracing, namespaces, revamped metrics, hardened replication and assignment, client-side types and mountains more of new utility and improvements.
hbase-0.96.0 comes in two flavors; a build that includes and runs
on hadoop-1.x and another for hadoop-2.x. You must chose the hbase that suits yourhadoop context. You will need to restart your cluster on deploy.
On restart, HBase will run a few migration tasks that will complete inseconds, and off you go again. hbase-0.94.x clients will not be able totalk to a 0.96.x cluster. See '3. Upgrading' [5] section in the referenceguide for notes on upgrading and section '3.2. Upgrading from 0.94.x to0.96.x' [6] in particular. Downstream projects should notice very minor --if any -- changes in API.
Thanks to legion who contributed to this release.
At your service,
The HBase dev team
This release is dedicated to Shaneal Manek, HBase contributor.
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2. 0.95.2 340 issues http://goo.gl/4djjE9
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