Cloudera Impalaのビルドができない件

Cloudera Impalaのビルドに失敗する (更新)


You can now build Cloudera Impala from the public repository (with instructions for Centos users):

ImpalaのソースコードはClouderaのgithubで公開されていますが、ソースからのビルドの際に玉砕している方が多いです。(2012/11/8の時点で知る限り、外道父さん (@GedowFather)How to install Cloudera Impala (Beta) on Debian意外の成功報告を見たことがない)

The source code is available here. At this point, I should acknowledge that the Github repo doesn’t build out of the box, and we haven’t yet provided instructions on how to do so. There’s no great conspiracy behind this, just the annoying consequence of the number of hours in the day being finite. We can’t post the repo exactly as we have it internally at Cloudera for a couple of reasons: we rely on internal infrastructure for some of the build steps which can’t be easily replicated externally, and some of our test suites are customer-confidential. We were rushing (as ever) to get a release out the door, and we made the decision to postpone sorting out the build for the public repo until after the launch. Since that’s… now, I’ve been spending a little time figuring out what we can do. Build systems are not my expertise, and Impala’s is a little capricious due to the extent that we mix C++ (for the execution engine) and Java code (for the planning and metastore interaction). I hope to have something that can build – without tests – by the end of next week, that is by roughly November 9th.

*1: 遅れるのが常という噂も。。。