RHEL6 beta2 screenshots (2)


RHEL6 beta2 screenshots
RHEL6 public beta2 was released Today. Belows are screenshots of installation. You can download RHEL6 beta2 here: http://www.redhat.com/rhel/beta/

ScreenShots (click image for full-size)

Package Group (Base System)
Package Base1Package Base2Package Base3

Package Group (Servers)

Package Servers Package Servers2

Package Groups (Web Servers)

Package Web Servers

Package Groups (Databases)

Package Databases

Package Groups (System Management)

Package System Management

Package Groups (Virtualizatoin)

Package Virtualization

Package Groups (Desktops)

Package Desktops2Package Desktops1

Package Groups (Applications)

Package Applicatoins

Package Groups (Development)

Package Development

Package Groups (Languages) *snipped

Package Languages1

Check Dependencies

Dependencies check

Install progress..

Installation Progress

Install complete

Installation Complete

Booting up

Booting up1

Firstboot - Welcome

Firstboot Welcome

Firstboot - License Information

Firstboot License

Firstboot - Setup software updates

Firstboot Setup Software Updates

Firstboot - Create User

Firstboot Create Users

Firstboot - Date and Time

Firstboot Date and Time

Firstboot - Kdump

Firstboot Kdump



Desktop (English and Japanese)

Desktop2 JapaneseDesktop1 English

Have Fun! 🙂